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Graphic Designer. London, UK
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Simply Media
Bristol Biennial 2014
Rise Records
In The City Series
Matty Groves Film

The World Did Not End
Matt-U Frequency EP

MadeScapes ^
Assorted Work
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Garry Edison Cook Design
Thank You Cards 2015
A6 digital prints on heavyweight gloss.
New Palms EP Part 1
Graphic design, typography and layout for the Bristol-based producer's debut release on Ramp recordings. Released digitally and as a 12 inch EP, the artwork was produced in collaboration with visual artist Will Kendrick.
MadeScapes ^
Portal Exhibition Posters
Advertising the artist groups' parallel exhibitions during the 2014 Bristol Biennial; digitally printed A3 posters on lightweight matte.
Charlotte Cousins & Trevor H. Smith
Poster for an exhibition of visual art and video exploring nostalgia.
Lewk Wilmshurst
Vegas Legs
Animated gif poster & B3-size exhibition catalogue, designed in response to the artists' themes of eclecticism, science, nature and capitalism.
Spaces Between
When Ataxia Hits
Design and digital collage for the Bristol-based musician's second album release
on Filter records. Approached in response to an idea of chaos and natural disaster.
Creative Exhibitiors UK
Poster, flyer & window vinyl for an art exhibition presented by 
Creative Exhibitors UK, in Quakers Friars; Bristol.
ZIne Cover
Cover design for a zine by Lucy A. Sames, exploring geometry 
in art & architecture.
Charles Thorburn
Fold-out promotional invite and exhibition guide to the artists' first solo exhibition
at Motorcade/FlashParade.
Spaces Between
Songs for Growing Up Tomorrow
Artwork & Graphic Design for an EP released by Bristol based musician Spaces Between.

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Garry Edison Cook
Graphic Designer
London, UK
Graphic designer currently
looking to apply in–house
and freelance experience
within a full–time studio role.
Loves typography, image,
layout, logos and vectors; producing print & digital.
Selected Projects
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