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Graphic Designer. London, UK
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Simply Media
Bristol Biennial 2014
Rise Records
In The City Series
Matty Groves Film

The World Did Not End
Matt-U Frequency EP

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The World Did Not End
Repeating Atlas Poster
A2, A3 & A4 digitally printed poster. The endless atlas, an anchor point for the BSAD 2013 fine art graduate show's branding, played both a visual interpretation of the show title and an effective method of repeat fly-posting.
The World Did Not End
Exhibition website, documenting each exhibiting graduate's practice prior to the show at Free Range London. Simple HTML and CSS were incorporated into a navigable web mimic of the corresponding printed poster and publication.
The World Did Not End
Exhibition Publication
Staple-bound exhibition publication, printed on 187x245mm newsprint.
Functioning as more of a complete catalogue for the event, than the content featured
on the website, this 'zine served to both document and display each artist in the context of others within the show.
The World Did Not End
Facebook Page
Profile and cover image, used by the group as a social marketing tool; engaging followers before, during and following the show.
Garry Edison Cook
Graphic Designer
London, UK
Graphic designer currently
looking to apply in–house
and freelance experience
within a full–time studio role.
Loves typography, image,
layout, logos and vectors; producing print & digital.
Selected Projects
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